Sisters from India- Fatima Mohtisham and Ayesha Mohtisham- have made their country prouud by bagging the top two positions at the 12th Annual Quran Competition organised by Mohammad Bin Rashid Centre for Cultural and Social Understanding. While Fatima topped in one of the categories, defeating dozens of competitors from different nationalities, Ayesha grabbed the second prize.

The siblings were honoured on Saturday by Shaikh Saeed Bin Hashar Al Maktoum at the head quarters of Dubai International Holy Quran Award in Al Mamzar. Elder of the two siblings, Fatima, 15, memorised the whole of Quran at the age of 12 and is certified by Al Noor Center, Dubai. However, Ayesha, who is just 11 years old has completed five parts.

Quran is divided into 30 equal parts called Juz so that they can be memorised easily. The entire book, however, has 114 chapters, the length of each varies from a couple of verses to hundreds of verses. Fatima, who has won several competitions earlier won this year for memorising Quran's biggest chapter, Al Baqara, which spans across two and a half parts. Speaking to the Gulf News, Fatima said, "First I thank Almighty Alah for this honour. This is mainly Allah’s grace and secondly I thank my teachers and parents. Quran is book of wisdom and guidance, which is revealed through Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) not only for Muslims but for all of humanity. I urge all my friends and elders to read Quran and seek its blessings."

Both the sisters are well-vrsed in Arabic and reportedly speak the language better than their mother tongue. Ayesha, however, won the second prize in a different category. 

Among these prodigies was 12-year old Anwar Yasir Ghadbaan who was the youngest of the awardees to have learnt the whole of Quran. According to his mother, he just took four years to memorise the entire book.