Make sure to have all original documents available with you when you visit any of the authorised typing centres in UAE. Applications will be rejected if any original documents is not available for verification.

#Your monthly salary should be Dh4,000, or Dh3,000 plus accommodation, for you to be eligible to sponsor your wife and children. If you are sponsoring your parents your salary should be Dh20,000.

#For daughters older than 18 years, a confirmation letter in Arabic stating that she is unmarried along with father’s signature.

#Sponsor must have Tenancy Contract of at least Studio Apartment.

#If your family is outside UAE, you should first apply for an entry residence visa, and once they arrive, you have 30 days to apply for the residence stamp.

#Documents required include the typed application form, salary certificate, labour card, labour contract, attested marriage certificate, attested birth certificate of children, bank statement of three months, attested tenancy contract and Emirates ID. No need of Salary Certificate attestation for Government, Semi-government and Free Zone staff.

#The marriage certificate - in case the marriage has taken place in the home country - should be attested there by the relevant ministry, and finally stamped by the UAE embassy/consulate in that country. Then, it needs to be cross-attested by the relevant ministry in the UAE.

#If the documents are complete, they will give a token with reference number. After five working days you will receive an SMS either accepted or rejected.

#For the family member's residence visa to remain valid, he/she should not be out of UAE for more than six months at a stretch

#Immigration Clearance (India): No need immigration clearance for wife when she comes on Residence Visa under husband’s sponsorship

#Parents’ visa will be stamped for one year and to be renewed every year.