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Teach your kids about responsibility with the help of these 5 tips

Teaching your children about responsibility is an important life goal as a parent, but it can also get hectic and challenging. Here are some tips on how you can teach your kids this trait.

Teach your kids about responsibility with the help of these 5 tips sur
First Published Nov 7, 2022, 10:57 AM IST

It is essential to raise responsible kids is something all parents want, and we all want to live in a society where people are brought up to be accountable and where adults don't ignore their responsibilities as citizens of the country. The parent must make their child encounter their consequences, model responsible for their behaviour, show fewer judgements, shower them with unlimited love and should not overdo anything for their child.

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Smiling is more potent than yelling: Yelling may drive your kid's attention towards you, but it can also reinforce bad behaviour. When you smile at them while conveying any message, it makes them respond immediately.

Make them encounter the consequences: Understanding that every action can lead to consequences is essential. If they don't study properly, they will not perform well in the exam (bad outcome). If they study correctly, they get good marks in their exam (good outcome). They will make better decisions once they realise they will have a good outcome.  

Make your child listen and think: It is essential to make your child hear and feel if they listen correctly, their thinking ability and make the right decisions or good consequences.

Use thinking words and not fighting words: Fighting words: I will not allow you to watch TV until you finish your lessons. Thinking words: You may watch TV if you complete your studies soon. It is how we show up to our kids. It fosters their sense of responsibility and makes them think. This is also the best way to make our kids listen without yelling.

Shift the responsibility to your kids: They don't take responsibility if we keep reminding them about their chores and school work. They will be carefree because there is someone to worry about it. The question here is, should I worry about this, or should I let my child worry about this? They will do better when you transfer your worries or responsibility to them.

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