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Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: Some interesting stories about Ganpati Bappa that you should know

How did the mouse become Lord Ganesha's preferred vehicle? Is it a reference to Ganapati's victory over a pest that ravaged ancient agrarian society? Was it because Gajanana liked speed, stealth, and survival instincts? What's the story behind the half-tusk?

Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: Some interesting stories about Ganpati Bappa that you should know - adt
First Published Aug 30, 2022, 1:03 PM IST

The Ganpati festival is about to begin, and the energy is unstoppable after being put on hold for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These ten days are filled with joy and significance, from the sound of artis to the rituals of eating modaks, decorations, dressing, and lighting. The pleasure of having Lord Ganesh around us brings a lot of positivity and energy, but there are a few stories about our favourite Ganesha that not everyone knows about...

The most common and well know story surrounds Lord Ganesh and the Moon. During the festival's ten days, Lord Ganesha's devotees are advised not to look at the moon. If done on purpose, it is intended to bring them false accusations. However, if one unintentionally looks at the moon, reciting the Puranas' story of the syamantaka jewel can help ward off trouble. Many consider it a myth, and some believe it.

If you observe the Lord Ganesha idol, you'll notice the broken tusk. As per experts, there are two sides to the tusk story. First, they claim that Ganesha's feather broke while authoring the Mahabharata. So Ganesha broke off his tusk and wrote with it to adhere to the condition of writing it without pause.

It is said that Ganesha wrote it as sage Veda Vyasa recited it to him. Another intriguing twist is that it was done on the condition that Vyasa would not stop reciting the epic and Ganesha would not stop writing it but also understand every verse of it. It is estimated that both spent three years continuously speaking and writing to complete the epic.

Next, Ganesha's tusk was severed by Lord Parashurama because he didn't allow Lord Parashuram to meet Shiva, who was deeply involved in his prayers. Rodents were one of the most significant obstacles to prosperity in ancient times, and they continue to be so for farmers today. They would ruin their lives by destroying crops and eating stored grains. Having a mouse as his vehicle represents Ganesha conquering this pest, thus staying true to his name and work - destroyer of obstacles. Also, there's another belief that because mice and rats can slither through tiny holes and narrow pathways, that helps Ganesha to reach all of the world's corners and crannies to help him perform his duties.

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