Finger reading is the latest trend, and this is purely science based and is downright fun. Recent studies have found that your ring finger can describe your accurate personality. 

It turns out that the length of index finger shows the amount of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb. Technically, it is called 2D: 4D ratio where D represents the Digit and numbers represent second and fourth fingers. The calculation is done by dividing index finger length by ring finger length. 

To see what your fingers have to say about you straighten your left hand and compare it to the images below.



Hand A - ring finger longer than the index finger, Hand B - ring finger shorter than the index finger and Hand C - ring and index finger are the same length. 

Hand A 

Courtesy: Little things Courtesy:

This means you are a charming and pragmatic person. You ooze with charm and confidence and is not afraid to take risks. Though some might mistake you as aggressive, you are a strategic thinker and have a knack for problem-solving. An ideal synergy of wit and compassion, you are best fitted for the position of the soldier, CEO and even a sales or marketing profession. 

Hand B


A natural leader who is confident and kind of take charge person. You were born to lead the pack and is eager to guide the ways and quick on your toes. Diplomatic, resourceful, passionate about beliefs, strongly opinionated, adventurous, even-tempered and what else. People often look to you for the right answer. You are unstoppable in pursuit of goals and will find success as a journalist, lawyer, teacher or performer.

Hand C


You are a peacenik and is emotionally balanced and organised. You are always at peace with others and is a good listener. People can confide you and share their secrets as you will always keep it to you. Those with such hands always enjoy comforting others and are happy to help people. Peaceful, compassionate and warm, you are at your best as a therapist, social worker or nurse.