It’s World Hypertension Day and there are many reasons you need to take notice of it. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a medical condition that affects over a billion people all around the world and according to the latest studies, over one third of the urban Indian population suffers from it.

So what is hypertension, you ask? Well, this medical condition is defined by high pressure on the arteries which carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body. If untreated, this could lead to blocks and eventually, a stroke.

Thankfully, our Indian health and wellness ecosystem already includes a way of channelling blood flow, harmony and peace inside the body. Yes, we’re talking about yoga, the ancient Indian spiritual discipline that not only relaxes the body; it also keeps vital organs healthy and strong.

If you’re suffering from hypertension, then include some simple and easy yoga asanas that don’t require much effort. In fact, our recommendations only ask you to perform some simple stretches that target your core.


Pranayama is one of the most basic yoga exercises and its benefits are many. A five minute pranayama routine everyday increases the oxygen supply and blood circulation in the body. Having a healthy breathing habit also reduces stress and helps one get rid of hypertension in the long run.


Those who’ve found yoga to be quite difficult will tell you that shavasana is by far their favourite pose. To do this asana, you need to lie down on an insulated surface. Keep your arms on the side and let your palms face upward. Breathe through your nostrils and let every part of body relax. This asana increases the blood circulation in your body.


This meditative pose can be easily done by beginners. To get into a sukhasana pose, fold your legs and let your hands rest on your knees. Keep your neck and spine erect and gently breathe through your nose. This exercise is an effective way of reducing hypertension.


This yoga asana is very beneficial for those suffering from hypertension. This forward bending pose builds flexibility in your arteries and increases blood flow. To do this, sit with your legs stretched out. Now bend your head and trunk slowly to hold your toe with your thumb. Don’t bend your knees at any point during this exercise.