Unwanted by her mother, a baby would have met certain death had it not been for the quick thinking of a courier professional.

Normally you would expect parcels and non-living things to be sent through mails and postal departments. However, for this 24-year-old Chinese woman, with Luo as surname, the post became her best bet for abandoning her baby.

Luo has been taken into custody and is being questioned regarding her action. The baby, is recovering in the hospital after her terrible ordeal.

Luo covered the baby girl inside several black plastic bags on Wednesday and then forced the courier fellow to take it to an orphanage without inspecting the contents. On his way, the courier professional noticed movement and noises coming from the suspicious package. He opened it and to his shock, there lay a wailing baby.

Temperatures in China are at 37 degrees and needless to say, the baby was severely dehydrated. Locals who gathered seeing the surprised courier professional’s reaction immediately set to soothing the baby. They dipped cotton in water and wiped the baby’s lips.

Speaking to CNN Friday, an official at the Jin'an District Hospital, where the baby was taken, said "her life isn't in any danger."

The video of the incident has been going viral on Weibo(Chinese twitter service) and has evoked a lot of angry reactions from the viewers. Most of them expressed anger at the mother who parcelled off her newborn without a care in the world. While police officials confirmed the woman was willing to take back the baby girl, viewers said it would be horrible to send that baby back to a mother who did not want her in the first place and that the state should not entertain such parents.