Move over boring questionnaires on Hopeful brides and grooms in India could take a leaf out of Lizzy Fenton’s PowerPoint presentation and perhaps use it to make themselves seem more interesting.


This university student in the US wanted her crush to ask her out on a date and in an effort to make him understand her better, she listed all her attributes in various slides.


Fenton titled her PowerPoint presentation, “Why you should date me” and answered most men’s anxiety about relationships.



One slide addresses his concerns about a monogamous relationship. Fenton says, “My diverse hairstyles allow me to look like three completely different human beings.” Another slide says that she’s the perfect candidate for serious girlfriend, one that he might have spent his many years searching for.


She’s also included critics’ reviews about her personality. According to Channing Tatum, Fenton is way out of his league and she is currently the background on Miss America’s phone.


One might think that Fenton’s effort would impress or at the very least get her crush to ask her out. However, he tweeted and asked her not to contact him again.


Even though Fenton might have failed to bowl him over with her sense of humour, the rest of the world was certainly impressed.  Fenton’s tweet was retweeted 14,000 times and Microsoft Office said, “You’ve made a pretty solid case.”


No word yet on whether or not she’s moved on from her crush.