It's a common nature of people to focus on the negatives of a person, especially when you are looking for 'the one', and this is the main reason behind love failures according to a recent study. The report published on Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin states that people don't look for the best when it comes to prospective life partners. 

When you are thinking of a serious relationship, majority persons talk regarding 'deal breakers. It could be social status, personality traits, beliefs or any other personal aspects of the person, the study said. 

Psychologists from five universities conducted the study based on personality traits of 6, 500 persons. Various factors like romantic, sexual and friendship context were considered along with other factors that people consider most important in their life. 

Affairs of the heart are very subjective in nature. Some might find impulsivity as a positive character while another person might see it as a negative trait. During the study, it was found that top deal-breakers were an unhealthy lifestyle, unattractiveness, differing religious beliefs, undesirable personality traits, differing relationship goals and limited social status. 

The study showed that people seeking relationships tend to focus more on negative characters then positives. Even one or two negative traits could override positive ones. It was also found that women give more importance to such factors. 

The research also found that such factors have the least effect when it comes to friendship.