When will I meet the love of my life? This is one question that we ask ourselves, our friends, our mirrors, our therapists etc. Usually, this rant is met with sympathy, compassion and some general statements about hanging in there. And then it would be business as usual. Work, bills, friends, workout routines would then take over. But dating in India is no longer business as usual.

The dating game has undergone a huge transformation and instead of finding a partner through a chance meeting, we think we can find them on our phones. Enter: dating apps, the new cupid.

This piece of technology has crawled its way into our hearts and our phones, consuming not just phone data but a lot of time. Why? Because we tend to think that the next person who will lift us off our feet is in 10 km radius.

But how often have people had successful, long-term relationships on tinder? How often have people fallen in love with a person who swiped based on a random decision? If you want to find love, dating apps is the last place you want to be.

It’s only based on looks.

People seldom say that they could see their date’s soul on a dating app profile. And this is for a reason. These apps help you pick a date who is better looking than the rest and here’s a secret: beauty fades with time and so do our standards of beauty.

No one is emotionally invested

A dating app is for meant for those who aren’t looking for an emotional connection which, in many ways, determines how long a relationship lasts. Random hook ups is mostly the theme.     

People are always looking for options

No one’s ever good enough on a dating app because the options are plenty. Looking out for the next person only distracts you from having a real relationship.

Common interests doesn’t mean you have a soul connection

If you both love biryani, then chances are you could have great lunches and dinners but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the other person is your soul mate. Most dating sites get it so wrong when they show up options based on people’s mutual love for movies and once you’ve watched enough movies together, a real connection is what lacks.

People are frustrated with their single lives

And this isn’t usually a good place. Most people get on dating apps to escape the boredom of their single lives and would choose anyone to be with.

We aren’t saying that people don’t find love on dating apps but it is true that these apps are mostly a short term solution to a life-long question: when will we meet the love of our lives? There's some hope if one doesn't try to find him/her in this confusing piece of technology.