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You can read a person by the way they sleep

What your sleeping position reveals about you
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The posture in which you fall asleep can reveal a lot about our nature. The Sleep Advisory Service of England (UK), through its survey has enlisted six general sleep postures. This survey conducted an in-depth study between the correlation of sleep patterns and the nature of people. If a person sleeps in one particular posture for more than 55 minutes, it would be considered as his / her sleeping posture.  Here are a few sleeping positions that people adopt, and what this reveal about themselves.


1. Fetal Posture:
This is one of the most common sleeping positions. This is where one generally sleeps in a curled fetal position.    

What does it say: According to studies, people who sleep in this coiled position may come across as harsh at first, but are in fact, quite soft spoken in reality. They are said to be sensitive in nature and are often found to be fastidious.



2. One-sided Posture:
This type of position is where people who sleep on one side with their head resting on one arm.  

What does it say:  Researchers found are very open in nature.They readily believe others and are said to be loquacious. One-sided sleepers are perfectionists and strive to achieve precision in whatever task they undertake.



3. Shooting Posture:
People who sleep laterally, with both their hands stretched out are known to have recessive, withdrawn and nervous tendencies.


What does it say:  They are very straight forward individuals, but sometimes tend to embarrass others with their miserly nature.

4. Soldier’s Posture:
This position refers to those who sleep on their backs with their face upward with both their hands stretched.

What does it say:  These people are known to be highly disciplined. Frivolity is alien to them, and by virtue of their nature they expect others to have the same wavelength as their own, which becomes unacceptable to many in reality.



5. Starfish Posture: 
It refers to those who sleep with both their hands stretched out with legs apart. 

What does it say: They love and help all, but tend to stay away from the limelight. They are also said to be very ambitious, creative and intelligent.


6. Upside down Posture:
Those who sleep on their front with their hands wrapped around the people are said to be lazy.  

What does it say:  Known to be gregarious and brash, they are likely to deceive others. These  free-fall sleepers exhibit extreme moods - either excessive anger or shyness. They are believed to  be averse to mingling with people.


Do you sleep in a particular way?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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