It’s very empowering. It can be very gross.

Women get candid about what it feels like having sex when on their cycles. Having sex when a woman is menstruating can be a painful as well as pleasurable experience. However, it depends on the understanding and comfort level the couple share to make love an enjoyable deed.

While that tub of ice cream can only get you so far, what happens when women really feel the urge to have sex when on their periods. Some women revealed on Whisper what they actually feel when they make love while bleeding.

Some feel not so well after a night of adventure. 


Find romance even when you are 'down'.

The advantages are many but you ought to be safe as well. 

Some made really amazing discoveries about themselves.

Some men were left feeling a bit down. 

Some women tell of their inner most urges. Are the men listening?

Period sex can be the test of a strong relationship. 

The bitter realisation. 

Some women are Team Period sex. You get to become adventurous and more playful in bed. 

Now the husbands please make notes