Imagine this: You've met someone and your chemistry has led you straight to the bedroom in a couple of hours. You end up spending the night there and you go home the next morning feeling emotionally unattached. Should you not text/call because you're not invested emotionally or should you just drop a polite message without making any future plans? To be honest, the morning after casual sex is so confusing because two people have taken part in a very intimate act but aren't emotionally intimate with each other. What do you do in this case?

Don't be a douchebag

That's right. That's the first attitude to develop not just after casual sex but generally in life. Acknowledge that you spent the night with someone and be polite if you do receive a text from them. Alternately, you're not going to be less of a human being if you want to text them and say that you had a great time.

Treat the other person with respect

This is a crucial part of having casual sex. If you're a man, then don't think less of the woman who has participated in an intimate act with you. Conversely, ladies, don't brand men as emotionally unavailable and commitment phobic. Recognise that it was casual, and just a fling. 

Be clear about where you are in your life

And if this means you are not ready to commit to a relationship but want to have a few more dates either at yours or at her place, then say it. You can manufacture your own rules and experiment while at it. 

It doesn't have to happen often

We are, after all, creatures of habit. But the first rule of casual sex is to maintain distance, respect boundaries and not expect to see the other person often.

 Define what you have

One of the great things about casual sex is that it gives the space to explore one's sexuality. And if you and your partner want to have a few casual sex dates then define it and go wild.