When you think of work, you don’t necessarily think of your cubicle or workstation.


But did you know that your workstation speaks volumes about you, and what it reflects about your work attitude?


Here are the different kinds you may have come across



Who: The Spic and Span
These individuals like their desk space to be devoid of clutter. They like to have a minimal amount of things on their desk.
What does it say: While it doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are introverts, they are considered to be reliable, hardworking and result-oriented.



Who: The Space Hogger
Blissfully or (deliberately) unaware of the invisible line that separates two cubicles in a single workstation
What does it say:  These Space Hoggers want to show their dominance by slowly taking over your space.  They also tend to love being the centre of attention to probably compensate for some insecurity and are likely to be defensive about their work.




Who: I bring my personality wherever I go
Rest assured this type of cubicle will be dotted with personal mementos right from their high school graduation to the latest night out, there will be photos that adorn their workspace. 
What does it say: It signifies friendliness and someone who is very social and open. If the cubicle dweller has unusual pieces of eclectic knick knacks, then this type of person is creative and curious about new ideas.

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Who: The Messy One
This one is pretty self-explanatory. There is not an area that is not wasted or cluttered with papers, books,  half-drunk mugs and a gazillion notes strewn all over the place.
What does it say:  While it does come across as a disorganised mind, it needn’t necessarily be the case. They are likely to be procrastinators but will deliver when the time comes. They also come up with creative solutions to work problems. However, this type of co-worker might annoy you, if you happen to be one of the spic and span variety.