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5 delicious benefits of watermelons

watermelon beauty benefits
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Refreshing and sweet, the watermelon is said to have originated from south Africa, and slowly made its way around the world.

While we are well-acquainted with its health benefits such as - controlling blood pressure, sharpening one’s mind, and strengthening the immune system among others - but did you know that the humble watermelon also offers several beauty benefits as well? Surprised? Don't  be.  Here are a few of them.


1. Honey, honey:


Looking to revive your skin? Then just add some honey to freshly cut pieces of watermelon, and massage this mixture on to your face. Let it stay on for ten minutes and then wash it off. You will immediately feel the difference.


2. Anti-acne:  

If your face is full of pimples, massage it with crushed watermelon seeds, which have been boiled and ground. Apply it for a half an hour and then gently wash it off. Alternatively, take a piece of cotton soaked in watermelon juice, and apply it on your face. The results will be visible to you in a week’s time.



3. Sunburn central:  Grind both watermelon and cucumber together, and apply this paste like a face pack for 30 minutes, and wash it off gently.



4. Anti-ageing: 


Watermelons are known to be abundant in lycopene, Vitamin A and C.  Daily consumption of this fruit helps slow down the ageing process.


5. Hair growth:


There are plenty of photonutrients found in watermelons. These photonutrients help one’s hair to grow because they help increase the presence of an amino acid called arginine, which in turn nourishes one’s scalp.


WATCH: How to cut a watermelon:



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