Pain, agony, muscle cramps, grumpiness and what not. Menstruation brings in all such unpredictable emotions, and even women don't have any idea what changes they are going through or the symptoms they can expect and wonders why women respond so indifferently during those days. 


Some might be knowing about the hormonal changes on the day nine of the cycle but what about day 14 or 17? Glamour says it's not a change that woman undergoes in a week, but each day in a 28-day cycle is different, and she needs to do different things on each day.


For example, women feel more social and optimistic from day 10 to 13 while on the next day they are so intensified with emotions and feels sleepy. From day 25 make sure to cut down on caffeine and sugar and stay hydrated. 


Watch the video to find what you need to do every day to stay healthy throughout your cycle.