Attending school, playing a game of football or taking part in some kind of activity is what most kids experience. But for 10-year-old Arya Permana, everyday life was a bit different. This kid from Indonesia weighed 190 kgs and is known as the world’s heaviest child.

Permana‘s weight didn’t allow him to attend school, play with friends or do regular activities that most kids his age do. He lied down for the most part, watched TV and played games on his mobile phone. His parents found it difficult to buy clothes that fit his size.

The kid who hails from Java put on weight after being on a diet of cola and noodles. His parents said that he ate five meals a day consisting of rice, meat and noodles and still remained hungry. His weight shot up when he was in the third grade and he had to drop out of school. This is when his parents got scared and roped in a dietician.

Permana underwent a surgery to reduce the fat on his belly and lost 16 kgs in the process. Now, the 10-year-old is on a strict diet and is advised to do some physical activity that will help him burn calories. Since the surgery, he has been able to return to school and has found friends who are extremely supportive of him.

Permana still has a long way to go but the doctors are hopeful that he will lose weight in the next one year. They hope that he will weigh less than 100 kgs soon and that this will spur his weight loss.