Dion makes a huge tissue do her cover-up job.


The My Heart Will Go On sensation, Celine Dion took the BMAs by surprise. Dion emerged into the spotlight and looked even better and in good shape.

She pulled off the latest trend of atrocious dressing to the next level.

However, there’s nothing new with pushing the envelope when it comes to celebrity fashion. When we saw Lady Gaga show up at the 2010 VMAs wearing a dress entirely made out of raw meat we were left baffled. Some say Katy Perry is the ultimate queen of shocking fashion. Let’s recollect what she did. Fruit dress? Check. Cupcake bras? Check. Banana one piece? Check. Candy print, gumball machine prints? CHECK, CHECK AND CHECK. I mean, how could we even stop checking that stuff out?  (Editor’s note: Nothing can redeem us in your beautiful eyes after that really bad line. Hence, we’re not bothering with an apology.)

Looks like most celebrities are running to food for inspiration. On the other hand, Celine Dion’s attire was an honour to the 20th anniversary of Titanic. Maybe all the tissue referred to all those tears shed while watching that film. However, Dion’s choice of dress was the kind that you can’t shed a tear for.


The star’s white gown with wing-like, shoulder ruffled and a plunging neckline took a different angle altogether. According to her stylist Law Roach, the dress was supposed to create an impact. They wanted people to remember Dion’s song and her dress. Well, mission accomplished! People just did not stop ogling at her dress and took it to twitter too.


The dress did seem to serve its intended purpose and made its grand entry on the red carpet. The ensemble frankly made Celine’s fairy dream come true (sigh). What’s next, toilet paper? Maybe Celine Dion can do a came in the next instalment of The Mummy. 

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