An astonishing act went horribly wrong when a crocodile attempted to snap off a zookeeper's head  in Thailand. A video, posted on YouTube on June 16, shows the incident on video.

The zookeeper had put his head inside the crocodile's open mouth to play out a trick when the crocodile snapped its jaws shut for spectators. Interestingly, the man had upped the stakes for this show. Usually, the trick involved putting two sticks into the crocodile’s mouth before it snapped its mouth shut, but on that day, the zookeeper was feeling more daring than usual and ended up serving his head to the crocodile. It was barely two seconds into the routine, that the incident happened.


Crocodiles are extremely moody, dangerous and unpredictable animals. The act of sitting close to one in itself is daring in the first place and placing one’s head in harm’s way is pure foolishness.

According to Daily Mail, a passerby got the scene on camera in the midst of a show in Koh Samui, Thailand, last Sunday. The zookeeper can be seen struggling in extreme pain as the crocodile thrashed him about and finally it let the zookeeper go and slid into the water.  As per, the zookeeper had previously even showed the crowd wounds caused by crocodiles, which included a missing finger. However, insights about his condition after this assault are not clear.