The Saudi King Salman is holidaying in Morocco and that is why the little tourist hub is in the news. Unfortunately, there is a dark shadow over the country which it refuses to acknowledge.

Morocco is beset with problems related to sexual abuse and violence. Now a video has surfaced which captures the horrors women are subjected to in the predominantly Muslim country.

The video shows a young woman being sexually assaulted by a gang of teenagers on board a bus in Casablanca. Media reports that the woman had learning disabilities and was helplessly thrown about like a rag doll as the boys stripped her off her clothes, assaulted her and insulted her. Her attackers were rumoured to be between the ages of 15-17.

The bystander syndrome was strong as neither the bus driver nor other passengers intervened to help the woman in distress.

The victim was reduced to just crying at what was being done to her. You would think seeing this would cause outrage but rather shockingly, people on seeing the video have condemned the woman - said it is her fault - one of them commented saying: 'this one was easy to undress'.

Once more we see how women's clothing and style of dressing is  being called into question rather than the rabid behaviour of the teens. 

Police is conducting investigation while a Moroccan charity Don’t Touch my child has asked eye witnesses to come forward and identify the inhumane teenagers. This is not the first time such an incident has been captured on video. Arrests have been made in the case but it is on ‘presumption’.

In Morocco, women are not safe. More than half their female population has admitted to be being sexually abused, harassed or assaulted.

We would advise viewer’s discretion, since the video is quite graphic. The video has been circulating since Sunday and once more Morocco is in the news for failing to protect its women. The indecency and the barbarity of the crime is what has been condemned widely.