It is surprising for Potter fans since author JK Rowling has previously stated that she would not be sending readers into Hogwarts again. Her seventh Hogwarts novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published in 2007 and at that time Rowling's had said: "I have always said never say never, but no".

Also her recent involvement in the theatrical on Harry Potter and more seems like the author herself is in no mood to give up Harry Potter so easily. So the news of the two books ought to bring about a celebration.

Bloomsbury, Rowling's publisher, and Pottermore, the online home of new snippets of Harry Potter-based writing, some of which is by the author, are releasing two books later this year: Harry Potter: A History of Magic and Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic.

A statement released by the British Library gives us more information:

Harry Potter: A History of Magic (Hardback) is the official book of the exhibition. This book explores the amazing artefacts, manuscripts, original artwork and curators’ insights that make up the backbone of the exhibition. This is a beautifully produced, full-colour coffee-table book which will make the whole exhibition experience available to everyone.

These books aim to tell readers about how Harry came into the magic universe. And sadly, these books will not be authored by JK Rowling.