A surprising fact is that in a state like Kerala, which has a great Ayurvedic tradition, comes under one of the largest consumer of personal care products like toothpaste and soaps.


How many of us are aware that we start our day with harmful chemicals? 
A recent study raised questions about the toothpastes that are available in the market. They found that it contains certain chemicals that can damage the different organs of your body.  Sodium fluoride is an ingredient used in most of the tooth pastes, which is produced in aluminium factories as a by-product, and this is a known trademark for rat poison and insecticide. Triclosan is also used in toothpaste which is also commonly used in soaps and hand wash. The excessive use of these chemicals is hazardous to human health, and in worst cases can cause cancer.


What are the possible harmful chemicals present in a tooth paste? 
Sodium lauryl sulphate
affects your eyes, while propylene glycol affects brain, liver and the functioning of kidneys. The excessive intake of the binding agent in toothpastes makes it creamy is called diethanolamine can cause cancer of the liver and kidneys.  


What do you need to check before buying a tooth paste? 
Make sure the above mentioned five chemicals are not present in the toothpaste you buy. Eighty percent of the toothpastes sold in our country has theses elements. Another word of caution is children below ten-years should not be given these types of toothpastes. Health experts say that we can prevent deadly diseases to a great extent by avoiding the chemicals in toothpaste.


Instead, opt for ‘desi’ alternatives like neem, mango leaves and organic tooth powders.

Image Source: Pixabay