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Simple tips to counter Insomnia

tips to counter Insomnia
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You may have heard people complaining often about sleeplessness saying “I didn’t get proper sleep last night. I was awake through the night…what to do?’ This is just a nightmare or fast food that keeps people up all night, but a sleep disorder called Insomnia.


Sleep plays a significant role in one’s physical and mental health. Sleep aids in the proper functioning of our brain and it is when we sleep that our body’s healing process become faster. Sleep  is vital for our overall well-being and a continuous sleep deficiency can give rise to some chronic health problems. Aside from ill health sleep deficiency may also pose a problem in decision making, controlling one’s emotions, and may affect one’s behavioral patterns.


Insomnia could be either a simple disorder caused by stress or could be a symptom of an underlying condition such as asthma, arthritis, heartburn or cancer. This disorder, however, can be fixed with simple home remedies.


Here are some valuable tips:


Conduct a self-analysis: No one other that yourself can truly understand what is preventing you from having a good night’s sleep. Only once you’ve found out the core reason can you explore suitable solutions.


Do not resort to pills / tablets: Avoid going to counseling centres too seek for advice; all you may is a temporary relief to the problem and the prescribed sleeping pills may give rise to several other problems. Stop taking tablets to feel sleepy right away!


Involve your family: At home,  discuss and mingle with everyone to find an optimum solution. Share your thoughts about your health or other problems with your family.


Take care of your health: Consume clean and hygienic food in moderation, as over eating might lead to illness and diseases. 


Take a walk: Go for a walk, as much as possible. Walks help calm the body and mind.


Create a relaxed environment before going to bed: Watching crime serials and crime-based novels may only worsen your condition. Instead, try some breathing exercises to relax your body, light stretching exercises are also helpful.


Drink a glass of warm milk: Yes, your grandmother was right! Drinking a glass of milk gives your body the calcium required to relax your muscles. 



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