Watches are not exactly the most inexpensive accessories as one knows.  However, one luxury watch-maker, H. Moser & Cie, decided to push the boundaries of luxury watches, by creating a watch made entirely out of cheese.


That’s right – cheese; Swiss cheese to be exact. And its called the Swiss Mad Watch. 


According to the Telegraph, “Moser, an independent luxury watchmaker, is protesting at the rules governing the label ‘Swiss-made’. It argues that the regulations are so loose, and the enforcement of them so lax, that it is possible to have so-called Swiss-made watches that are in fact largely produced elsewhere, notably in the Far East.”


“The Swiss government rules recently changed so that 60 percent of a watch’s value must come from Switzerland, up from 50 percent previously following complaints from others in the industry. But as this figure now includes research and development costs, it means that many companies outsource the vast majority of their production to cheaper countries, and critics like Moser CEO Edouard Meylan say that this renders the label meaningless."


As a mark of protest, this fifth generation watchmaker decided to come up with this uniquely bizarre take on a watch by paying homage to the most Swiss item – its famed cheese.



What is the watch made up of?
The strap is made from a Swiss cowhide, the case made from a special Swiss cheese. Reports The Telegraph, “the case is made from a proprietary polymer mixed with Vacherin Mont d’Or médaille d’or, a cheese from Meylan’s home village. The end material has been thoroughly tested for durability and, Meylan says, ‘does not sweat, is not greasy and does not smell’. The cheese, potential buyers will be pleased to know, was pasteurised before it was put into the watch.”



Watch the video:



The watch has been called the Swiss Mad Watch and is retailed £900,000. It is a symbolic price harking back to the days of “the signing of the Swiss Federal Charter in August 1291.”


A non-Swiss cheese watch is also available at £15,000.


The Swiss watch will be sold to the highest bidder and the sales of this proceed will be used to help “Swiss-based suppliers to the watch industry.”