It is very hard to break that until people see you for who you really are. Most often than not, it takes time, and when that happens it’s incredibly rewarding for both parties involved.

So how do you know you are a shy person? These 5 things are very relatable to every shy person.


1. You’re often judged for being aloof, reserved, quiet or a downright snob, and often unfortunately misjudged



2. When the spotlight is on you in a roomful of people , you become nervous and blank out sometimes when you’re asked to speak


3. It takes shy people a long time (sometimes, a really long time) to open up to people. And once they do, they often take people by surprise


women laughing


4. They prefer conversing and making friends in a smaller group and can chat your ear off (you’ve been warned)  

5. Making small talk is nerve wracking, and hence they come across as more socially awkward than they are.