Chickpeas, white or brown doesn’t matter, soak them overnight and don't throw out the water as it contains a lot of nutrition. When you soak these beans, you increase the nutrition content upwards of 25 per cent. There are many ways of cooking chickpeas. However, if you find yourself lazy to cook, just soak it.

Chickpeas once soaked, starts to sprout and can be eaten raw or you can choose to make a channa dish with it. You can also make channa masala which go well with jowar rotis. You see, channa has a lot of insoluble fiber which means your morning bathroom routine will be a blissful experience. Plus the protein content is up there for veg lovers.

You can also take a bowlful of channa, throw it into the blender and make creamy hummus, a middle eastern favourite. and that's not it. You can make Pav Bhaji too.

Most people end up feeling hungry between lunch and dinner. For them, channa makes for a perfect lazy ‘carry to work’ snack.

At 11 am with some berries or at 5 pm when those hunger pangs kick in. Add some cut onions, tomatoes and coriander to make an office bhel or chaat. You wanna add more Channa and lesser onions lest your office buddies faint as you belt out that presentation.

#NutritionCoachRyan says that one should use channa flour as its healthier. The punjabis seem to have figured this out by inventing the missi roti. This type of flat bread is a perfect option for those with gluten intolerance.

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