Picking a wedding dress is one of the most difficult choices one has to make and it’s not for nothing that brides take their entourage of bridesmaids to a wedding gown fitting. But what happens when you don’t want just your bridesmaids but all of social media to be part of your wedding?

You ask them to pick your wedding dress for you, of course. This is the story of 93-year-old bride Sylvia Martin who posted a series of pictures and asked people on Facebook to pick a gown for her.

The bride visited Birdsnet, a store in New South Wales, Australia and asked social media to choose one dress from the four dress options. Suffice it to say that she looks graceful in all the four dresses.

While Sylvia is no doubt excited for her Facebook followers to pick a dress, her fiancé Frank is even more thrilled. The 88-year-old waited for many years before Sylvia finally told a yes to him.

According to Bridsnet’s Facebook post, Martin refused to marry Frank because she didn’t want to change her last name, especially after her husband’s death. However, she agreed when she finally realised that a bride doesn’t have to change her last name even if she’s married.  Their story is so rare that we are almost compelled to believe that love exists and can be experienced at any age in one’s life.