For most people, a simple act of sneezing or laughing produces some feelings but doesn’t lead them to the hospital. However, for one woman in Australia, sneezes and laughs left her with a broken neck and a trip to the emergency room in a hospital in Rose Bay, Australia.

Meet Monique Jeffrey, a full-time working mom who broke two vertebras in her neck in a span of five years. If you’re wondering how it happened, well, both occasions will leave you a bit amused.

Back in 2011, Jeffery was lying in her bed checking some emails when she sneezed a little too hard. Her had was thrown forward and what happened next shocked the doctors too. The medical professionals rarely got a case in which a person broke C1 and C2 vertebrae while sneezing. But it wasn’t just the doctors who were shocked. Her husband, who came home and called an ambulance, was also quite shocked.

“It was pretty scary and it was such a strange sensation. I was in so much pain after just one little sneeze,” she said. Little did she know that she would be in the same situation five years later.

Ironically, Jeffery broke her neck again while laughing about the accident that took place the first time. She said that it didn’t hurt a lot the second time around but the doctors screwed in a neck halo into her skull. This metal device doesn’t allow the patient to move his/her head, according to

Jeffery has to wear this for the next six weeks and might just have to undergo a surgery. The doctors are worried that the injury might take place again since she already injured it twice.