1. Yellow nails whitening:   

Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and apply to your nails. This will whiten your nails.



2. Dunk your nails in cold water:


water cold

After a light dry, put your nails in a cold bath of water. This will let your colour paint really shine.


3. Vaseline to your rescue:   

As we all know that applying nail paint involves some spillage. To avoid that, apply some Vaseline around your nails. This will help for easier removal.

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4. Glitter removal: 

Rub some nail polish remover on said glitter nails, and cover it up with foil or cling wrap. Then let it rest for sometime, and remove it after that.



5. No more air bubbles:

Roll your bottle of nail polish before you apply it on your nails to avoid getting bubbles on your finger nails.