Slavery in the modern world is not a new thing. It is very much prevalent in many nations across the globe. But Pakistan has a new form of slavery.


In southern Pakistan, Indian Hindu women are treated as property, used as payment for debts, to settle disputes or if a landowner has to penalise a worker. The women are no less than trophies for the men, who even sometimes force them to become prostitutes.


According to Global Slavery Index 2016, more than 2 million Pakistanis live as “modern slaves.”


Also, a second report estimated at 1000 underage Hindu and Christian girls are taken from their homes and are forcefully converted to Islam and married each year. These are usually the second marriage for these men who seem to mostly want a sexual slave who also looks after their homes. And unfortunately, some are even tied up each night so that they can not escape.


Strangely there seems to be no way to change the situation. The police in Pakistan does not care and only the desperate attempts of a few activists, who risk their lives daily, even brings this issue to the notice of the world. On the ground, the men consider all things normal and keep their Hindu sex slaves chained up, immune from prosecution for now..