Selfies have become a part of our daily life, and within a relatively short time, it has also became our culture's collective visual diary. Some think of it as being a great way to take snaps, while it annoys some others. However, no one can deny its popularity and Mastercard has moved a step ahead by launching a facility that will help you to verify your online cash transactions with a selfie. 

Selfie pay is the new identity check mobile application of Mastercard which allows you to verify your identity with a selfie. The company has launched this facility in the UK, and it will be made available across the globe starting next year. 

The technology helps you to verify your identity with a selfie or a fingerprint. The method also helps to speed up e-commerce transactions and shoppers no longer have to remember those complicated passwords with a number, capitals and symbols. 

Biometrics payment authentication method is building momentum after Apple launched its 'Apple Pay Fingerprint-powered system for Apple watch and iPhones. Fingerprint readers are also used in various Android devices like Samsung and Android Pay allows payment by the touch of a finger. 

To make use of Mastercard biometric authentication system, all you have to do is to download the app, snap a selfie and send it to the company. 

Now, all you have to do is to blink and confirm that it is actually your own face that is being shot.