1. Double cleanse:    

Often you will find a rogue makeup still lingering on your face despite cleansing and washing your face.  To avoid this, first use an oil-based cleanser once you’ve removed your make-up, followed by a gentle facial cleanser.


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2. Dead and lifeless skin:  

According to Cosmopolitan,Skin cells shed naturally every 28 days, but sometimes they can stick around, building up on your skin and causing an uneven texture. To keep these dead cells moving, use an alpha-hydroxy acid-based cleanser at least twice a week, which will leave you with glowing, smooth skin, since the acids in cleansers reach deeper into your skin's layers than physical scrubs, breaking the bonds between dead cells and loosening them.”



3. Change your sleeping position:

Switch from cotton to silk pillowcases. And lie on your back.

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Drink plenty of water to keep your skin soft and supple.

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