It's that time of the year when showers provide much needed respite from the heat, leaves look brighter, piping hot snacks emerge from the kitchen, and along with all of this, wet shoes are a constant. Among the many things that can be quite annoying during the rains, wet, stinking shoes are definitely at the top of the list. Whoever suffers from a case of soaking wet shoes doesn't know what to do because let's face it, the sun is hardly out for the shoes to dry fully,

But thank god for easy hacks. Turns out, one can actually dry wet shoes without leaving it out in the balcony or by throwing them into the washing machine. In fact, whatever you do, never turn on the dryer and hope that it will suck the wetness out of your shoe. One easy way of drying them out is by sticking some newspaper into it. 

This tried and tested method is guaranteed to keep your shoes dry and fresh. All you need to do is turn a few sheets of newspaper into a ball, stick it into the shoe for a few hours. Make sure you keep removing and replacing the paper once its absorbed all the wetness. If you can remove the soles of your shoe, then go ahead and do it.

This process takes a long time. However, there are quite a few ways of speeding up the process. You could place it under the fan. Nevertheless, keep it at a distance. It's best to let your shoes dry in room temperature.