The first flush of a relationship can be incredibly overwhelming, and the world is viewed through rose-tinted glasses.  

And, thus, it sometimes hard to see the signs when they are right under your very nose; so, here’s what you need to watch out for.



He / she never introduces you to their friends:  


When you meet someone, when they make excuses or never makes an effort to introduce to their friends, rest-assured something is not right.


He / she wants to know your whereabouts: 

woman on phone


At first, it might come across as sweet and caring, but even after you’ve told him / her about your day’s plan, they still call up to find out where and with whom you’re with, then start paying close attention.


Blows up over the smallest thing:

couple angry

Does he / she blow up over the smallest thing? And then  goes on to blame you conveniently. This sort of bullying behaviour might catch you off-guard initially, and you might even blame yourself and offer up an apology. However, this is a sign of things to come, and you need to adequately learn how to fight back.

Crazy, psycho ex-es:


couple ex


Ask them about the ex-es, and they immediately label them as ‘crazy’ ‘psycho’ etc.  And we’re not referring to just one in particular. If he / she constantly refers to all of them, you might have to reassess who the crazy one is.