It would be easier to scale Mount Everest than to find access to a woman’s photo gallery.  Women never let others check out their photos and if the person who displays an interest is a man, he is most probably never going to see what’s inside that mysterious folder. There are many reasons why the female folk banish men from going through their pictures. Here are just a few of them:

Women document each conversation with screenshots

Whenever you fight, flirt or say sweet nothings to each other, know that these text messages get shared with a girl’s friends. Women like to share what’s happening in their life and what’s better than having cold proof of it.

They take a zillion selfies and some of them are downright embarrassing

Some women don’t allow men to peek into photo gallery for this reason. They are obsessive photographers who feel compelled to capture every emotion in the day.

They have probably downloaded pictures of their crush

If a woman has a crush on you then she will never allow you to see her pictures. She’s probably gone through your Facebook account and found a picture that was taken circa 2003.

They have memes that only make sense to women

These are a girl’s guilty pleasure and the last thing she wants is a guy’s judgemental glace when he sees what makes her laugh.

Their fashion inspirations live in their photo gallery

Some women are so obsessed with their favourite celebrity that they like to capture their every outfit and style during different seasons of the year. Guys might find it weird but this makes perfect sense to a woman and she’s better off without a man's confused looks.