'Sanskari', a word used to describe or rather rate a woman on whether or not she has the ideal qualities of a 'cultured woman'. There are of course a list of dos and don'ts to be classified as a 'Sanskari 'woman and the latest add on to the don'ts list has been announced by Rabri Devi. 

The housewife turned politician courtesy her husband, has put out a statement saying that she wishes to have a daughter-in-law who will refrain from going to the mall, run the house smoothly and respect them which would probably be the most difficult task out of them all. So for all the women who have been waiting to get their hands on these two 'charming' sons, Tejaswi and Tejpratap Yadav, of Lalu Prasad and Rabri Devi, can brace themselves. That reminds us, where is Misa Bharati, their daughter, again? When did she leave the kitchen?

While her comments are completely irrelevant and baseless, it is ironic for a person like her who had basically replaced her husband Lalu who was barred from holding office after being convicted in 2013 on corruption charges, to say this.

This comment by Rabri Devi is irony at its best. While she refuses to accept a mall going woman, her sons themselves have inaugurated various malls in the state.

But her reason for this comment is probably because of the 2008 case where her sons were beaten up in public for eve teasing women who were entering a hotel. Now we wouldn't want the women of the house to be complaining of eve teasing, would we?

But the elder son, Tejpratap Yadav who is the reward for the sanskari girl, already has a love interest. However, she does not fit the description of his mothers sanskari list. She has been seen sporting a tattoo which was most definitely not given to her in the kitchen. Poor little naive Rabri Devi is still unaware about these developments.

While India as a country is pushing towards a progressive path, the women seem to be left behind.  Efforts taken by women around the country to stop any sort of discrimination goes to shame when a woman herself believes in inequality. Why does a woman always have a tag of cultured or uncultured on? Why do women have to be blamed for rape? Why is it that people think that, 'she was asking for it'? Why don't these conditions apply to a man as well?

Agreed that not all men commit abuse against women but that does not give these men a medal to flaunt, as though they have done the women a favour. Not being abusive is as normal as a person breathing, it does not require praise or appreciation of any kind because that is a woman's right and not a luxury.

Although, while women are disrespected on many levels, there has been an attempt to make up for it as well. More girls are going to school and graduation with degrees, more women are taking up leadership roles and many more women are speaking out loud. While we cannot stop this poisonous mindset from spreading, we must not and cannot stay mum about it. Every time a women lets a comment pass her way, she puts the lives of other women at risk. Every time a woman does not choose to stand up for herself, she lets down hundreds of women with her. 

The Yadavs can be excused for making these comments because firstly they are not taken seriously anymore and secondly, for their unstable state of mind or rather money mind which has them making visits to nowhere except the court room.  But what should always stick with a person is that, She is beauty, she is grace but she will also punch you in the face.