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9 psychological hacks to eat less at a buffet

Psychological hacks to eat less at a buffet
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You have been working hard to get back in shape when you suddenly get an invite from a friend to your favourite buffet restaurant. What do you do? Here are nine quick and easy psychological hacks that will trick you into eating just the right amount at any buffet. 

  1. Sit far, far away: The closer you are to the spread, the more likely you are to get up for a refill. Sitting far away from the spread ensures that you take one or two rounds less than what you would normally take.
  2. Lean on liquids: Have plenty of water; this will not only make you feel full, but also help break down carbohydrates. Also, having more of soups and juices than desserts and entrees, will make sure you eat less fatty foods.
  3. Sit with your back facing the spread: The more you look, the more tempted you are to take a third or fourth helping. So, sit in such a way that your back faces the buffet spread.
  4. Familiarity with the place: Reports suggests that the more familiar you are to a place, the more you tend to eat. A new ambience, and a new dining area psychologically restricts you from indulging too much.
  5. Given a choice, choose lunch: It is a known fact that one should always have a light dinner. So given a choice, always choose lunch or brunch buffets over dinner. Make up for the sumptuous lunch by eating a light dinner.
  6. Home prep: Don’t have anything for 3-4 hours prior to your buffet. This will, in a way, starve you and shrink your stomach which will further reduce your indulging capacity.
  7. Take a survey: Take a quick survey of the entire spread. Decide what you’ll eat, and eliminate what you won’t.
  8. Go slow: Chewing your food slowly helps in better digestion. It also stops you from over eating.
  9. Restrict your portions: Keep your portions small, so that even if you eat a lot from the spread you don’t end up overeating.
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