3 places to whitewater raft in India

First Published 13, Sep 2017, 10:06 AM IST
places to white water raft in India
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For some adrenalin-pumping action with the wind and water in your hair, head to these 5 places that is known for its spectacular white water rafting experiences.


Rishikesh:  Become one with nature, and white water on the waters of the mighty Ganga.  There are 4 options suiting people who are just beginners to experts. These options range from 9kms – 36kms, and it covers all 4 grades of rapids.


Sikkim: Straddled between West Bengal and Sikkim, the river Teesta is home to some kickass whitewater rafting experiences, Here, one river rafts on the River Teesta.  It has up to grade 4 rapids.  This experience is beautiful blend of nature and adventure. You can opt to camp besides the banks of the river as well.

Coorg:   The Barapole River in Coorg is where all the white water rafting action takes place. However, the difference between rafting up north and down south is that one has to wait for the seasonal monsoon to raft.  There are two sections to this rafting section called upper and lower with varying grades.