The world is going crazy about a pair of men’s jeans caked with fake mud. Social media platforms have absorbed everyone’s anger about the fact that the jeans with fake dirt are priced at $425. That roughly translates as Rs 2,72,977. That’s pricey, especially for something that’s so obviously fake.

Thankfully, men and women across the world have spoken out against it. Twitter was filled with reactions that range from outright anger to cynicism.





Their response is by no means an over-reaction to the fact that Nordstrom, the retail store in US, resorted to creating a masculine stereotype that women don’t even enjoy anymore. The straight cut, mid rise denims project the wearer as a rugged man, one who gets his hands dirty and one who works very hard outside the  sanitised, clean environs of an office. As women, we’d like to think that we’ve come a long way from thinking a man is manly only for his sheer physical strength.

It’s not just women who find the new pair of jeans insulting to them, even the male species have taken offence to a piece of clothing that fails to recognise the many different ways one works hard. Instead, it tries to glamourise dirt and the presence of it in one’s life.

No wonder then that Method, a US based soap bar company jumped on the chance to make fun of the ad. However, no word yet on whether or not Nordstrom is pulling muddy jeans off its shelves.