Every week, we compile a list of the best, new music that are trending. Here are our picks of the 5 hottest, freshest music that you need to check out now!

DJ Khaled – It’s Secured ft. Nas, Travis Scott

It’s a good time to be DJ Khaled. He recently released his latest studio album, Grateful, and has dropped a whole bunch of new music video in support of it. He’s collaborating with some of the biggest names in the pop music industry which makes for some great entertainment. The most recent music video from DJ Khaled is for It’s Secured which also features hip-hop artist Travis Scott.

Future – PIE ft. Chris Brown

Future is perhaps one of the best rappers around at this point in time. PIE, is further testimony to that fact. On the track, Future has collaborated with R&B singer Chris Brown to create something truly exciting. It’s always good to see big names come together and make fantastic music. Fans are now speculating on who the rapper will collaborate with next!

Hunter Hayes – Amen

Hunter Hayes is bringing country music back to the mainstream. With Amen, he attempts to bridge that gap in a time where hip-hop and rap ruling the charts. The song brings back the glory days of the 2000’s, with a sing-along chorus and even a small, tasteful guitar solo. It’s predictable but it’s still comforting and breath of fresh air in today’s music landscape.

Meek Mill – YBA

American rapper, Meek Mill has dropped his latest single YBA, his tribute to young black America. It’s more common to hear to rap music about partying, killing people and women than songs about real, social issues. In a day and age where it’s more relevant than ever, Meek Mill delivers an honest yet eloquent statement about young black America.

Desiigner– Outlet

Desiigner’s latest track, Outlet lays down some heavy rhymes over some banging, trap-styled beats.  The track serves as a perfect outlet for those looking for an outlet for their inner party animal. While Desiigner is often compared with Future, he marks his individuality with this track, layering sounds and laying down some intense verses.

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