Time for a weekly catch-up session! Almost every week is an interesting week for music with a constant flow of good music pouring out from our favourite artists. Here are 5 of the biggest album releases due this week that you need to check out!

DJ Khaled – Grateful

DJ Khaled drops yet another album this week in the form of Grateful. Out on June 23rd, the album features the who’s who of the international pop scene including Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and more. He seems to be leaning onto the star power of his guests a bit too much with only a handful of songs without any collaborators. This will be Khaled’s 10th studio album but by the sounds of it, it’s not going to be any different from the last nine.

Imagine Dragons – Evolve

Imagine Dragons is set to release their third studio album, Evolve, on the 23rd of June. They’ve already released a bunch of singles for their fans to enjoy, including ‘Whatever It Takes,’ ‘Believer,’  and ‘Thunder’. From what we can tell so far, fans can expect anthemic pop songs from their new album without much of a departure from previous Imagine Dragon albums. Does it get any better?

Jeff Tweedy – Together At Last

Jeff Tweedy is better known for his work as the frontman of rock band, Wilco than for his solo work. With the release of his new album, Together At Last, Jeff Tweedy bridges the gap between the two. The album will feature solo acoustic performances of songs that Tweedy has performed with Wilco, as well as his side projects Loose Fur and Golden Smog.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Murder Of The Universe

The Lizard Wizards of Australia return this week with their signature brand of psychedelic/progressive rock. Their new album, titled Murder Of The Universe is out this week and is a must listen for fans of 70’s rock and roll. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard keep things exciting throughout their extended jams and musical freakouts, without a single predictable moment.

Laurel Halo – Dust

Laurel Halo’s new album, Dust promises to be as interesting the brand new music video for her song, ‘Jelly’. On a superficial level, her music is another endeavor into creating some truly creative electronic music. Upon delving a little deeper into her music, you can hear some very detailed soundscapes, choice of samples, and interesting rhythms. Dust promises to be one of the most interesting electronic music albums of the year.

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