Nails are one of the most naked parts of our body and unfortunately, they are easily damaged as well. This protective layer on our fingers catches dust easily, wears the marks of dryness and breaks, leaving our hands wanting some TLC.

There are a number of factors that damage nails but most often, the damage begins with you. Unbeknownst to you, these five habits could be ruining your nails off their shine.

 Using an acrylic or gel paint

These indeed look fashionable on your nails but more often than not, they damage it. Nail stylists need to buff nails before they apply these paints and this procedure makes it very thin and prone to breaking.

Applying a base nail polish

Many would argue that applying a base coat is important but seriously, it isn’t. These base coats often don’t come off easily and can leave nails looking discoloured.

Filing your nails back and forth

How often do you use a nail filer and swipe it across the nail both ways? Plenty of times, we reckon. Well, this habit of yours could cost you because it causes splits in the nail and makes it break very easily.

Trying to rub off your nail polish with fingers

Want to develop permanent scratches on your fingers? Well, the easiest way is by trying to remove nail paint with your bare fingers.