6 biggest mistakes men make on the first date

life | Tuesday, June 6th, 2017
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  • In the world of dating, a bad first date seals the deal and men often don't get a chance to make a second or third chance.
  • Not taking an initiative is frowned upon, so is showing up dressed up badly,
  • Women get insecure when men speak about their ex.


The world of dating is fierce, competitive and unforgiving. Most women think about dating a man only if the first few dates are a success. However, before we advance to the second or the third date, let’s talk about what leads to the chances of that happening.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, then a great first date really just sets the tone for what’s going to come next. Women say no to a second date for many reasons but here are the top seven mistakes that turn them off and keep them away from a man for good.

Spending too much time on the phone

This is the worst thing men can do if they’re on a first date or even with a group of friends. Spending time on the phone means that you don’t care about the other person’s presence and this never goes down well with a potential girlfriend.

Talking about the ex

If you’re on a first date, chances are that you want a fresh start. So why cling to the past? Women often feel insecure when men bring up their ex and they feel like they're better without it.

Showing up badly dressed

Men could get away with tardy clothes in their teenage but women do look for well dressed men as they grow older. There’s no excuse for turning up badly dressed when it takes less than 5 minutes to groom yourself.

Not having a plan

Men who show up for the first date without a plan can be a big turn off. Traditionally, men take charge of the date, offer to pick up the girl, pay the bill and make an initiative. It’s not like women want to be dominated, but these gestures show a man is interested in making an impression.  If a guy doesn’t do any of this, women walk away because they think he’s lazy and nonchalant.

Introducing controversial topics as conversation starters

No one wants to discuss religion, politics or Apple versus Samsung. Men who keep the conversation very geeky and don’t ask a girl about her life may not find themselves sealing a second date.

Talking about money

This conversation should take place after two people are together for a very long time. No one likes a show off and nor does anyone want to know how dear money is to you.



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