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Michelle Obama opens up about the 'ghosts' in the White House

  • Time and again, we have heard many scary stories of the White House being haunted.
Michelle Obama White House ghost
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Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, too opened up about her paranormal experience within the White House.  In 2009, Michelle revealed that both Barack and she were awakened by loud noises coming from the hall. The couple used to hear strange, creepy sounds from the drawing hall. And when they used to go out to look for it, there used to be nothing there. Just complete silence.


What’s even creepier is that some other members of the house had experienced a strange sensation of someone chewing up their feet in the middle of the night. Not just one, but many of the staff members used to feel that someone was eating them up from the bottom.


We all could have laughed at these horror stories, but when the source of these stories is so trustworthy, we can’t help but believe in a greater, unresolved paranormal power.


Creepy! Isn’t it?

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