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5 ways to boost your memory

Memory foods
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The brain requires essential  nutrients for one's mental and physical well-being. In today’s competitive world, having a razor sharp memory is an essential human tool to survive. Ancient practices in India like yoga, meditation, breathing exercise, and visualization are well-known tools required to boost your memory.

However, there are certain foods that are known to aid in boosting your memory.  Here are some of them: 

1. Apples: 


An apple a day keeps the doctor away


As the  age-old saying goes: an apple a day...’ works wonders. Apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin, which shields the brain cells from damage, which are useful in preventing  degenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons.



How to eat an apple the right way:




2. Go green:   

Green vegetables are essential to one's diet


Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and the like form an important part of our diet as the benefits of antioxidants like Vitamin K and C, choline and many more keeps the memory sharp and intact.



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3. Cooking oils:  



Cook your food in healthy oils


Vegetable oils like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil helps boost memory and keep one's cholesterol in control, besides preventing memory-related diseases.



4. Turmeric:  


The benefits of turmeric are immense


Turmeric, an everyday ingredient, is commonly utilised  in our recipes. It has an abundance of curcumin. and  the protein amyloidal beta present in it has the ability to prevent Alzheimer if used regularly and protects the memory cells. It also is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. 





5. Cinnamon:  


Cinnamon is used in both sweet and savoury dishes



Studies have shown that cinnamon is extremely beneficial for brain health.  It is said to improve cognitive development, and even just the smell of cinnamon increases one's memory while doing tasks. Besides this, it is helpful for those suffering from Parkinsons.  


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