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Watch: Man leaps off balcony, even as a woman tries to stop him...but there is a twist!

  • A man in Brazil jumped off his balcony in shorts and T-shirt as a woman and a toddler couldn't stop crying.
  • He reportedly bought the parachute online and he attempted the stunt without any safety gear.
  • A video of him parasailing has gone viral and many believe the man is skilled in the art of parasailing.
Man jumps off balcony as crying woman tries to stop him
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A man in Brazil took a daring step and jumped off his balcony. As he attempted to do this without a professional’s support or safety gear, a woman and a baby can be heard crying in the background.

A video of him jumping from his balcony in shorts and slippers has now gone viral on the internet. In the clip, the man can be seen standing on the ledge of his balcony with a parachute strapped to his waist. He seems calm while the people gathered in the balcony look puzzled and scared.

What makes this video even more horrifying to watch is the constant cries from a baby. The toddler, assumed to be his child, gets some reassurance but that doesn’t stop her tears. After trying to stop the kid from crying, he jumps and thankfully, opens the parachute at the right time and has a safe landing.

The man is believed to have tried this stunt after purchasing a parachute online. However, comments on the video suggest that he could be skilled in the art of parasailing. Some YouTube commenters said he must be a professional parasailor himself. The video was first posted on reddit and ended up getting half a million hits on YouTube.


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