An Indian taxi driver in Dubai was cut(literally) down to size when his two girlfriends found that he had been cheating on them.


According to a report in Khaleej Times, this incident had happened in 2014. The Sharjah Police received information on October 14, 2014, that an Indian was found dead in his room located in Al Qarayin area. On post mortem it was revealed that he was strangulated with a robe or piece of cloth.


This led the police to investigate and their suspicions landed on two maids. One is a Fillipino while the other is an Indonesian. Initially, the Filipino maid allegedly confessed that she had helped the Indonesian maid to kill the driver. However, the Indonesian maid denied the accusation. But later, she confessed to the crime.


The murder happened in the house of their sponsors, the maids had been working there for three years and had a room next to the Indian driver’s room. The maids said they were driven to this crime.


Allegedly, the Indian man had seen the Indonesian maid getting close to an Afghani driver and so he decided to milk the opportunity. He began to blackmail her and threatened to disclose her affair to the sponsor.  Afraid, the Indonesian maid gave into his demands and allowed him to abuse her sexually in return for his silence.


So the two maids, tired by his abuse, decided to get rid of him. Since they knew he had a weakness for sex and for the Indonesian maid, the maids decided to use the two as a bait to lure him to his death. On the day of the crime, taking advantage of the fact that the family was out as it was a Friday, the Indonesian maid went to the driver's room, watched a movie, had sex with him and then drugged him.


The Filipino maid helped the other maid carry the deed out and so they used a cord to strangulate the drugged man. After assuring his death, the duo cleaned and left the room.


Now the case in the Shariah Court of First Instance and the two women will now stand trial on charges of adultery and premeditated murder of the 43-year-old Indian driver.


According to the court records, says the news website, the defendants said they wanted to get rid of the victim who blackmailed and threatened them. In addition, both maids allegedly came to know that the driver was sleeping with both of them and grew jealous.


Now the family of the murdered man is seeking justice. A brother of the victim has demanded the most harshest punishment for the two women, since their actions have affected the lives of driver’s children.


The Indian’s family has insisted on Qisas (retributive justice as per Islamic law).  Qisas means the right of a murder victim's nearest relative or Wali (legal guardian) to, if the court approves, take the life of the killer. Qisas is one of several forms of punishment in Islamic Penal Law.


When the accused were asked by the court if they wanted to negotiate regarding the blood money (Diyat), both of them insisted that they are innocent. The Gulf countries take their penal laws very seriously. Even princes are not spared. In 2016,  Saudi Prince Turki bin Saud bin Turki bin Saud Al-Kabeer was executed in Riyadh for killing Adel bin Suleiman bin Abdulkareem Al-Muhaimeed, a fellow Saudi citizen.