IndiGo Airlines didn’t know how to script a sarcastic response to Roshan Agarwal’s tweet and that’s okay. At least everyone on the interweb is having a laugh about it. We don’t know yet it if the tweet was generated by an automated bot or a human being but in any case, the airlines’ nonchalant reply is begging us to ask it, “why not serious?”

The tweet in question refers to a certain brief conversation between a passenger Roshan Agarwal and the Airlines’ supposed social media person.

The passenger, whose luggage was misplaced by the company tweeted, “Thank you for sending my baggage to Hyd while flying me to Calcutta at the same time. #DieIndiGo”

In response, the Airlines responded with what’s become the four dreaded words for any aircraft carrier: “Glad to hear that.”

Indigo deleted its tweet immediately but it’s been enshrined in the archives of Twitter trolls who never miss such opportunities to poke fun.

Here’s what they have to say: