Denying your guests the freedom to have more than one serving of food could turn ugly. And this is what Shiv Kumar and his bride learnt on their wedding day.


The 25-year-old groom, a resident of Khutaha, Unnao travelled to the bride’s village, Kurmapur along with his baraat, and was treated with kindness by the bride’s father.


After their initial greetings, the groom was whisked away to the dais while the guests were told that dinner was served. But this is when trouble erupted.


According to a report by DNA, Kumar’s cousin, Manoj asked for more than one rasgulla serving and this demand infuriated the bride’s close relative. As it turns out, he was told to hand out only one piece.


What ensued thereafter was a physical fight involving spoons, plates and the food that was part of the dinner. The DNA report claimed that the groom’s family threw food on the bride’s relatives and the police was soon called in.


Although the police and the local panchayat tried to soothe tensions and egos, the bride made her decision to call off the wedding. She said she wouldn’t marry into a family that humiliated her father. She also claimed that Kumar’s family earlier harassed her father for dowry and asked for a car. However, a formal complaint wasn’t launched.


This isn’t the first time that a wedding has witnessed an unceremonious end due to a bizarre reason. Earlier, a Bengaluru bride called off her wedding when the groom’s family fussed about the pre-reception dinner.