Many say resolutions are made to be broken, yet we hopeful humans do promise ourselves to see through them and for first few days we succeed.  The story begins after those few days and by the end of the year, we do not even remember what our resolutions were. 

Nonetheless, keeping up with the tradition of New Year, here are six standard New Year's resolutions that we know we'll never fulfil ever but still we make it.


1. Exercise: 

This is a popular one among all and it is followed by eating healthier, dieting and hitting the gym daily because we have hogged a lot in during the new year vacation season. This is a myth, come on, it is winters means the official season of lethargy, so even before anyone of us complete saying this resolution, it is bound to be doomed. Also, let's just accept that unhealthy food is so readily available, so tempting and not to mention so tasty. So, beach bod can wait for the time being. 





2. Saving Money:  

The silent resolution to get out of credit card debts and the promise to have cash until the end of the month is another popular but lol one. Guys and gals, please if you want to keep this resolution than an honest suggestion, avoid I repeat AVOID those end of season sale at the beginning of the years to keep your credit card debt within limits. Remember, you are saving money for your EURO trip (or, that luxury Goa vacation) that is pending from last few years.  Forget that trip, buy you a new iPhone instead. Treat yourself. You kind of deserve it.




3. Quit smoking and drinking: 

The cravings, the conversations started and the gossips session during the smoking break are hard to avoid. In fact, smoking is not a habit but a lifestyle that has many essential aspects. So, it's next to impossible to stick to this resolution. The Christmas and New Year time hit your liver hard. Later, you said you were never going to drink again, you probably really meant it in your hangover haze. The resolution to quit drinking just remain for a month and again go back on booze in a week's time or so. Seriously, who are we kidding here? 




4. Travelling: 

We all want to visit a new destination, but most of us don't have the time, money or the patience to travel. But, in New Year we make a resolution to break free from these and travel more often. But, try approaching your boss for leaves to go on a vacation and reality hits you harder. Add to that travelling costs, time requires, accommodation expenses, and there you go, the resolution bye bye, home is the sweetest place to be. 




5. Taking up a new hobby: 

Reading, painting, yoga, learning to play a musical instrument, watching international news, be informative – you name it, and you’re going to do it to enlarge that brain of yours and find your passion. Once you do the research just to figure out what it is that you want to learn about and go for it. You will be no longer the most ignorant person in a conversation.  But we know it's all rubbish that is written above, and you will go back to Netflix and (not) chill or at least, stick to your social media activism.



6. Get Organised with everything: 

Due to hustle and bustle of life, mostly people don't get time to arrange their things, their own life, and in general a lot of things related to health, mind, and surrounding. And so, we make a resolution to organise and improve the quality of our lives. But, this year too nothing will change, you will get busy doing the usual, and you won't get a chance to arrange the stuff or anything else in your life.




So what? Game of Thrones season 7 is coming, so Happy New Year.